Effortlessly establishing connections with banks through the innovative use of Open Banking capabilities, OBSE aims to bring about a significant transformation in the utilization of bank statements within the South African market. By leveraging the power of Open Banking, the platform endeavors to streamline and enhance the accessibility of financial data, offering a seamless and modernized approach to banking interactions.

OBSE stands as a proprietary Bank Statement solution, meticulously developed in-house by OMS. This not only underscores our dedication to creating cutting-edge business solutions but also highlights our commitment to ownership throughout the development process. By taking the initiative to innovate and build this solution internally, we reinforce our role as pioneers in the industry, demonstrating a proactive approach to addressing the evolving needs of our clients and the broader business landscape.
In tackling various challenges prevalent in the market, OBSE is purposefully designed to address critical issues such as manual data processing and the ongoing battle against fraud. The platform's engineering is geared towards providing effective solutions for the processing and verification of bank statement data. By automating these processes, OBSE seeks to contribute to a more efficient and secure financial landscape, aligning with the dynamic needs of the contemporary market in South Africa.

Benefits Of OBSE

Seamlessly Process Bank Statement Data.
Golden Source Bank Statements.
Prevent Bank Statement Fraud.
Reduce Sales Drop-offs.